I hired Medad on Feb 3 2020 to give me a half day private tour of Tsfat. I have had many professional guides throughout Israel and elsewhere and can say that Medad is one of the best. He is knowledgeable (historically, archeologically and religiously), engaging, witty, kind and energetic and his English is very good. He gladly answered dozens of questions on many topics and was flexible to adjust the tour to meet my interests. I give him my highest recommendation!

Thanks again BTW - to was really a very special day, thanks to you! God bless you and your family MICA PRYOR, J.D. REALTOR®

Dear Medad once again thank you so much for your very interesting and inspirational tour of the city of Tzfat. Tzfat's history and stories of it's great Rabbis became alive through your warm, soft spoken and very knowledgeable presentation. the feedback from the girls was very positive!!!

Thank you once again   Sincerely Mrs. R. Sternberg Administrator, Michlelet Esther

Hi Medad, Thank you again for an extremely enjoyable, informative, atmospheric and magical afternoon. We all hope to return to Tzfat in the future... this is all about introducing the world to the best tour-guide in Tsfat!

Toda raba, Kfir (31st December 2017)

On this tour we'll meet the Kabbalists of Tzfat from the 16th century – especially the Holy Ari.

We'll go to the spot where the custom of singing the Lecha-Dodi started.

We'll hear the story of the surprising event that occurred in the middle of the great earthquake that destroyed the city

We’ll see the following places:

Houses over 500 years old that were hidden from the eyes of all for many years.

The most beautiful synagogue in Safed, the Rabbi Isaac Abuhav Synagogue`

The place where the "Maggid" - (angel) would appear to Rabbi Yosef Karo, author of the Shulchan Aruch

A beautiful view of the Galil from one of the roofs in Tzfat’s Old City


We'll hear:

The story that took place at the end of the narrowest alley in Tzfat

About the miracle that occurred in Tzfat during the War of Independence when the city was liberated.


The rest of the details of the tour I will be glad to go over with you by phone.

My fee is 600 Shekels for a 2 hour tour.

850 shekels for a 3 hour tour.

300$ for a 4 hour tour

or 480$ for a full day tour.

Medad Shalem


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